Public Talks and Academic Lectures

Invited talks, panels and lectures (selection)

'Wie Künstlich (intelligent) ist Kunst und was bedeutet das für die Demokratie?', keynote, mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Vienna

'The political value of "emotional" technology', talk, Future of Protest Politics, talk, University of Bergen, Bergen

'AI as a challenge for journalism', talk and workshop, Österreichischer Journalistinnen Kongress, Haus der Industrie, Vienna 

'Islands of Resilience – Public Philosophy for the Future', panel guest, Rhiz, Vienna

'AI und Medienethik', panel guest, Konferenz für Strategie und Sicherheitspolitik, Institut für Strategie und Sicherheitspolitik des Landesverteidigungsministerium, Vienna

'Künstliche Intelligenz - Worauf vertrauen wir noch?, science talk, panel guest, Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung und Die Presse, ÖAW, Vienna

Panel on AI and regulation, 3rd Conference of the Research Network of Young Digital Law, panel guest, University of Vienna

'Vertrauen in KI in Zeiten von ChatGPT', panel guest, Bergische Universität Wuppertal

'AI ethics', lecture, Digital Entrepreneurship Innovation LAB, University of Vienna

'Künstliche Intelligenz – Werden wir überflüssig?', expert interview, THEMA, ORF (Public broadcaster)


'Trust and Trustworthiness of AI', guest lecture, University of Tilburg

'Development of rules for intelligent systems and robotic services & the public', workshop, WU Wien / SKEMA Paris, September 2022

'Thinking through Technology', workshop, Institute for Technology Futures (ITZ), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), July 2022

'Data and AI Ethics', lecture, Digital Entrepreneurship Innovation LAB, University of Vienna, Vienna, AT, 14 June 2022

A Performative Ethics of Care Robots, lecture, PERSEO Winter school, Ethics and Interdisciplinary Research Methods for Personalized Robotics, Vienna, AT, 24 March 2022

AI, Ethics and the Politicisation of Climate Science, lecture, NanuGUNE PhD workshop series 2022, San Sebastian, ES, 31 January 2022

AI and climate: Political challenges, lecture, 2021 EURA Summer School, University of Pisa, Juli 2021

'Autonomes Fahren und ethische Fragen', interview, Maintower, HR, June 2021

Conference presentations and papers (selection)

2023 (& Coeckelbergh, M.) Rethinking the role of AI in shaping urgency of the climate crisis. Conference of the Society of Philosophy of Technology, Tokyo(& Coeckelbergh, M.) Making the Climate Crisis Urgent: AI between Mediator and Dominator of Climate Urgency. Worlds of AI, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK(& Christiaens, T.) Trustworthiness as an Empty Signifier in the Ethics Guidelines of Trustworthy AI’. PERITIA, Dublin, Ireland2022 Political AI Ethics? Towards a political ethics of technology. KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium(& Coeckelbergh, M.) AI and the Politics of Emotions: Affect Regulation under Capitalism and the Future of Democracy. ETHICOMP 2022, University of Turku, Turku, FinlandTrust and/of Maintenance in Technology, The Ethics of Trust and Expertise”. PERITIA, American University, Yerevan, ArmeniaCritical AI Ethics? Towards a political ethics of technology, ICA pre-conference, Critique, post-Critique and the Present Conjuncture, Annual ICA, Paris, France